1/350 USN Carrier Aircraft Decals
by Gold Medal Models
Have you noticed that the decals for your carrier planes  are a little plain! Well Gold Medal has a decal set to remedy that. This set, although listed as a WW2 decal set will do Prewar aircraft to today's modern air wings. Insignias are available in a scale 24", 36" 48" and 60" size. US Navy and Marines lettering is also included with numbers and squadron tail codes for VF-84 are also on the set.
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Included in this set are:
  • Prewar to 1942 stars with red inserts in scale (24", 36" 48" and 60")
  • 1942 to June 43 stars without the "red meatball"  (24", 36" 48" and 60")
  • June - October 43 Stars and bars with red outline  (24", 36" 48" and 60")
  • October 43 - 47 Stars and bars without the outline  (24", 36" 48" and 60")
  • Korean War to present day Starts and bars with red line  (24", 36" 48" and 60")
  • Black Letters (24")
  • White letters  (24", 36")
  • Black and White numbers (24", and 36")
  • US Navy and Marines lettering
  • VF-84 Tail markings
This may be the best aircraft decal set in this scale available. The decals in my sample were perfectly registered and had no excess carrier film to trim away. This set covers a wide variety of aircraft and is a must for your next 1/350 USN project.

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