1/350 USS Essex Class
Fittings Set #350-22
Photo etch set by Gold Medal Models
Trumpeter's new 1/350 Essex is a pretty nice kit right out of the box (click here for in the box review) but with it's large size it is a good candidate for super detailing. Gold Medal Models has a set to help you turn this otherwise great kit into an show stopper.
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The fret is relief etched for a 3D appearance and includes a multitude of parts. There is everything from railings, ladders, and stairs, to radar's, and deck edge elevator details.
Extra detail views
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Many of the parts from Gold Medal Models photo etch sets are also included on this fret. Cable reels, 20 mm gun details, and watertight doors just to name a few.
The instructions are well written and illustrated showing the fine points of the assembly process. Extra notes are included for each subassembly and there are notes that explain how some details would be used with the existing kit parts.
Included in the set:click to go to Gold Medal Models website
  • Bow Rails and 2 and 3 bar railings
  • SC-2 Mast Railings
  • Leadsman Platforms (two styles)
  • Flight Deck Safety Railings (bow, stern, and deck edge)
  • Floater Net Baskets
  • Life Rings
  • LSO Platform Nets and Windscreens and Catwalk
  • Aft Yardarms and Doublers
  • Foremast Yardarm and Doublers
  • Upper Mast Platform Braces
  • Elevator Safety Net Braces
  • TBS Antenna
  • Mark 37 Radar's and Bases and Supports
  • Mk 22 Radar
  • SG Radar
  • Mk. 12 IFF Antennas
  • IFF Dipoles
  • SM1 Radar and Braces
  • SP Radar Frame, Rings, and Braces
  • TDY Antenna
  • SK Radar
  • SK-2 Radar
  • SC-2 Radar
  • Type A ECM Antenna
  • YE Beacon
  • Type B ECM Antenna
  • Whaleboat Cradle, Rudder, and Handrails
  • Whistle Platform
  • Radar Platforms for each Radar Type
  • SC-2 Radar Mast (early and late type)
  • Watertight Doors
  • Deck Edge Radio Antenna Screens
  • Flight Deck Antenna Ladders and Spreaders
  • Cable Reels
  • Funnel Grills
  • Crane Hooks
  • Inclined Ladders
  • Vertical Ladders

This is a great photo etch set to detail your Essex Class Carrier. It has all the basic parts needed to super detail your ship. Many different versions are possible with this set. You even get a 1/350 scale Admiral Raymond Spruance to man the bridge!

This is set No. 350-22  - 1/350 Essex Fittings Detail set. It is available now for $40.00 plus postage. Also available is the 1/350 Gold PLUS Extra Details set (No. 350-22a), the 1/350 WW2 U.S. Navy Aircraft Details PE set (350-26), and the 1/350 scale WW2 USN Aircraft Decal set (No. 350-6D.) 

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