Reviewed by Timothy Dike
One of the great things about 1/700 scale is the wide range of accessories for dioramas. Loose Cannon is one of those companies that cater to the diorama enthusiast. They offer everything from the biggest ships like the USS Midway reviewed here to a line of cranes like the Mare Island crane, to all kinds of yard craft. One thing that has been missing is any substantial buildings other than the old Skywave buildings that everyone has. 
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These new buildings are all new and innovative in their design. This one is typical of the line and represents the kind of small warehouse that could be found at installations such as Mare Island. The building is made up of a clear acrylic inner frame that includes window frames etched into the surface. The outer skin is laser etched styrene that is very realistic in appearance. The surface included fine planking and door and window frames. The roofs are clear etched acrylic that looks like corrugated steel.
The clear interior will allow you to add lighting if you so desire. You could even add some interior detailing if you like. Add some of the new Loose Cannon vehicles and you will have a real cool diorama.
The instructions are the front and back of a singe sheet. They show the parts laid out with locations on how they assemble. The front page describes the construction.
Finished buildings from Loose Cannon Website.
This is a great little set that will really add life to your diorama. This building lists for $15.00 US  a good price for a highly detailed building like this. Check out the entire line of buildings on the  Loose Cannon page.  They are available direct or at Colpar Hobbies or Pacific Front.