Loose Cannon LCT Mk 5 & Mk6
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
One of the great things about 1/700 scale is the wide range of accessories for dioramas. I can remember first getting my hand on a Skywave Vehicles on the Beach accessory set and thinking how nice the Trucks and Jeeps included in the set were. For many years after these were the standard for a dockside scene. Now Loose Cannon Models has a Vehicle set with a whole variety of cars, trucks, and buses. 

There are 25 cast metal vehicles in this set and they are quite nicely detailed for the extremely small size.

In the set there are 6 cars of varying types typical of the 1940's era. You also get Semi tractor trailer rigs with flatbed trailer and a long and short covered trailer. The trailers even have tiny pins to mount on the tractors.

There are two styles of buses, 2 flat nose buses with the graceful sloping backs, and 2 typical school buses. The latter could be used for modern era dioramas. 

A variety of trucks ranging from the typical GMC 6x6 truck in open and canvas covered styles, to pickup trucks and a jeep.

Cars Semi Trucks Buses Trucks
All you need to do is paint them, and add some black highlights for the tires and windows. Hugh writes that the standard painting for the WW2 years for Navy sedans and other non combat zone equipment was Battleship Gray. 
This is a great little set that will really add life to your diorama. This set lists for $35.00 US  a little pricey for some, but worth it to me. They are available where ever Loose Cannon products are sold. Check the Loose Cannon page for details on these and other kits.

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