Month-Date-Year Title
17-11-2016 Telford IPMS Scaleworld 2016 by Jim Baumann 
19-08-2016 Building the USS NImitz CVN-68 by Louis Carabott
08-06-2016 Almost Live at the IPMS 2016 Nats by Martin Quinn
07-22-2016 Liberty ships and more by Spyros Stroboulas Submitted by George A. Georgopoulos
04-22-2016 The Ships of Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungary 2016 by Gabor
04-05-2016 2016 IPMS/USA Region 5 Model Contest by Carl Musselman
04-05-2016 The Ships of MosquitoCon 25 by Martin Quinn
03-19-2016 KCCON 2016 IPMS Great Plains Contest ship coverage by Timothy Dike