Telford IPMS Scaleworld 2016 
by Jim Baumann 
The annual Telford IPMS Scaleworld show held  the weekend of November   12  13  2016 in Telford UK.

Many familiar names from from as far afield as Japan, Korea, the USA, Guatemala, Singapore and Australia, as well as most European countries attended the show,  many of whom successfully managed to bring ship models by  air!

Some  excellent models could be enjoyed on the various special interest stands as well as traders and IPMS Branch stands. Astonishingly--despite circulating many many times around the three huge crowded halls for two days. ..... I appear to have managed to NOT photograph all the ships exhibited by both traders and individuals.

The competition  was well supported   with a worthy  selection of modelships of a great variety of types! Trade support  was  very good; Toms Modelworks/White Ensign, L'Arsenal. Starling models, Pontos, Tetramodel, Scalewarship  and many more being of particular interest to ship-modellers..!

Please  enjoy the photos- and I hope to meet you next year at Telford.

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Updated 11/16/2016