The Ships of MosquitoCon 25 
by Martin Quinn 
On Saturday, April 2, 2016, New Jersey IPMS hosted "MosquitoCon 25" in Wayne New Jersey. There were over 120 entrants and several hundred models on the contest tables. The ship categories were well represented this year.

First place winners included:
Category 21 - Battleships, Carriers and Cruisers, 1/400 & Larger
Ryan Labieniec - 1/350 USS Abraham Lincoln

Category 22 - Battleships, Carriers and Cruisers, 1/401 & Smaller
Bob Cicconi - 1/700 USS West Virginia

Category 23 - All Other Types and Scales
Dan Kaplan - 1/700 IJN Shimikaze

Category 24 - Submarines All Scales
Bob Cicconi - 1/700 I-370

Best Ship
Dan Kaplan - 1/700 IJN Shimikaze

Judges Best in Show
Dan Kaplan - 1/700 IJN Shimikaze

MosquitiCon25_138 MosquitiCon25_139 MosquitiCon25_140 MosquitiCon25_141 MosquitiCon25_142
MosquitiCon25_143 MosquitiCon25_144 MosquitiCon25_145 MosquitiCon25_146 MosquitiCon25_147
MosquitiCon25_148 MosquitiCon25_149 MosquitiCon25_150 MosquitiCon25_151 MosquitiCon25_152
MosquitiCon25_153 MosquitiCon25_154 MosquitiCon25_155 MosquitiCon25_156 MosquitiCon25_157
MosquitiCon25_158 MosquitiCon25_159 MosquitiCon25_160 MosquitiCon25_161 MosquitiCon25_162
MosquitiCon25_163 MosquitiCon25_180 MosquitiCon25_182 MosquitiCon25_185 MosquitiCon25_198
MosquitiCon25_199 MosquitiCon25_200 MosquitiCon25_201 MosquitiCon25_202 MosquitiCon25_203
MosquitiCon25_204 MosquitiCon25_205 MosquitiCon25_206 MosquitiCon25_207  

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Updated 4/4/2016