Depth Charges, Racks, and Throwers

This is probably the most tedious of all the fixes the Lindbergh kit requires. With the exception of the throwers, the kit parts are useless.. You are better off scratchbuilding depth charge components, though there are K-guns available in 1/144 scale, close enough since these are actually bigger than the kit's K-guns. I experimented with several methods and settled on a combination of Plastruct angle iron U-channel, and strip styrene. I don't recall how I did it, so I'll simply show the drawings I used. I do recall cutting all the pieces at once with small razor blade "chopper" that allowed uniform cuts to be made repeatedly. Once your pattern is made, simply mass produce enough parts to build 6 thrower racks and 2 stern racks. Some Fletchers were fittled with storage racks, which were extensions intended to fit on   the ends of the stern racks. Although my Fletcher didn't carry them, I've included a Mk1 Extension/Storage rack below. There were several types of stern racks.  I've included the Mk3, which was fairly common.

 fig24.JPG (37013 bytes) fig25.JPG (44856 bytes)

I used wooden dowel for the depth charges themselves. There are depth charges available from the aftermarket fittings companies, but no racks are available (at the time I wrote this).

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