Building the Ships of the
Naval Battle of Guadalcanal
13 November 1942 In 1/700 Scale
by Timothy Dike
and Lester Abbey

This is a series on building the US Fleet that participated in the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal November 13th, 1942 in 1/700 scale. Those that know me know I have always been fascinated by this period. Combine that with my love of modeling and you have got the makings for a long-winded article, as we plan to address each ship individually.

Introduction and Overview
The Ships Their History
Quick kit availability reference Updated Prelude to Battle
Building the USS Fletcher DD-445 and the USS O'Bannon DD-450 First Contact
Building the USS Monssen DD-436 Commence Firing Counter illuminate 
Building the USS Helena CL-50 Bibliography of Guadalcanal Books
Building the USS Cushing DD-376


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