Airfix 1/600 Scale HMS Victorious
Review by Ian Wilkins

 Another of the early Airfix Ships, this kit is fairly standard stuff for era in which it was produced. Detail is fairly sparse but the components on my example are fairly crisply moulded. My hull halves are warped but will straighten out when cemented together. The deck moulding is light on detail and what there is could be considered by some uncharitible souls as crude. There are a few sinkmarks on the deck. Aircraft supplied are Scimitars, Sea Vixens, and Skyraiders. The Sea Vixens in my kit all had sinkmarks in the fuselage. This kit provides an opportunity to make an unusual model. White Ensign Models make lots of photoetch in 1/600 scale that would be applicable, models of British aircraft carriers are uncommon and, in general, she is a handsome ship. Not bad for a kit released in 1959 - nearly 40 years old!

 Webmaster's Note: Photoetch replacement parts for the Victorious are available on White Ensign Models new Ultimate Modern Royal Navy Sets #1 and #2.

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