1/700 Pitroad / Skywave Series
DE-224 Rudderow Class Destroyer Escort
The Destroyer Escorts were designed to provide protection for the slow moving convoys that roamed the Oceans during WW2. Their armament was primarily geared towards the anti sub warfare role. The Rudderow Class was similar to the Buckley Class except they had a much heavier Armament with two enclosed 5" 38 gun turrets instead of the open 3' guns on some other DE's. As the war drug on, attack from enemy aircraft became the bigger threat, and this class was better suited to protect against it, with armament much like a small Destroyer. 
There are two complete ships included in this kit on two identical sprues. The kit includes the same parts as the Butler Class kit and you could build one of each class if you know which parts go on each one. The molding is typical of Pitroads high quality, with very little flash and nice detailing.  Click on the 
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The standard generic decal set is provided with hull numbers and flags of many Nations. You can refer to the box art on the back for a color guide to some of the Camouflage measures worn by the Rudderow Class DE's. click to enlarge
The instructions are pretty basic but this is a simple kit and the exploded views with be sufficient to build this ship. There were many variations of these ships so it would be good to consult a good reference for your particular ship prior to building. Squadron Signal US Destroyer Escort in Action would be a good start. click to enlarge


Thanks to Chris Decker of Trident Hobbies for the review sample. Check out their site for other Pitroad Skywave series kits such as the other Destoyer escorts: