Squadron Signal Publications
US Destroyer Escorts in Action Part
cover art
By Al Adcock
color and illustrations by Don Greer
Squadron Signal publications has released a number of ship reference books over the past 15 years. Each one is intended to be an aid to modelers by providing them with a source of information. This one covers the many classes of Destroyer Escorts that served during World War Two.
It begins with an historical overview of the development of this ship class. Each class is then addressed through photo's and illustrations that show the features that made them distinctive. Most of the photo's are pretty clear though some are a little on the dark side. 
The photo's show the DE's at all differnt times in their careers. A number of weapons drawings are provided to help illustrate the type of weapons typical of the classes.
My favorite feature is the color profiles that are included for the centerfold. These are well done and show camouflage measures and different arrangements of the Destroyer Escorts such as the APD conversion shown on the right.
 These ships seemed to all have some minor varitations depending on where and when they were built. So if you are buillding a particar DE such as the Buckley or Rudderow class, you might want to compare photo's of your actual ship to get it right.
There are several plan and elevation views of some of the DE's complete with specifications. 

There are over 120 illustrations in this 50 page 8-1/4" x 11" soft cover book,  with a retail price of $9.95, it's a good overview for the Destroyer Escorts.

For other books in this series check  Squadron Mail Order. They now have website, with online search and a shopping cart for your convenience.

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