1/700 Pit-Road / Skywave Series
DE-339 USS John C. Butler Class Destroyer Escort
Often overlooked by some in favor of the Aircraft Carriers and Battleships was the Destroyer Escorts. these small ships were designed to provide protection for the slow moving convoys that roamed the Atlantic during WW2. Their armament was primarily geared towards the anti sub warfare role. These ships also served in the Pacific and were good escorts for the slower Escort Carriers and Amphibious ships used in the many actions throughout the war. There were quite a few of these ships built during the war for the US Navy and Royal Navy and this kit can be used as the basis for most any of them.
There are two complete ships included in this kit. It is nicely molded and has a good amount of deck and bulkhead detailing. The parts all fit well and you will have very little extra sanding to make a nice kit. As a bonus there are several extra parts included in this kit so stow those extra 5" 38 Turrets away in your spare parts box. This kit is essentially the same as the Rudderow kit. Click on the 
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A generic decal set is provided with hull numbers and flags of many Nations. You can refer to the box art on the back for a color guide to some of the Camouflage measures worn by the Butler Class DE's. click to enlarge
The instructions are well done, there are a couple of exploded views showing where all the parts go and even the beginner will have no problem assembling this kit.

This kit should be a pretty easy build right out of the box. Add a little photo etch and you've got a great little kit, that will look great alongside your escort carrier or in company with your Convoys.

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