USS Cushing DD-376

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Building the Model in 1/700 scale Part 2

By Timothy Dike

In this part we begin assembling the superstructure parts. Before adding the bridge wings I opened up the passageways for the inclined stairs from the lower level. Use a small square file to do this and open them just large enough to allow the folded inclined ladders to pass through and glue them in place. I added bridge wing supports with scraps of Photo etch from the spares box. After mounting the bridge assembly to the hull, I pre-drilled the mast mounting hole. The mast is inclined at a slight angle.  Test fit it and set it aside for later as it will get in the way at this stage. Click images
to enlarges
I added platforms made from strip styrene and attached the inclined stairs to the lower levels to these.The aft superstructure was attached. As part of her refit the Cushing has her #3 5" gun removed and three 20 mm guns were added. These were made from Skywave E-9 weapons sets. One of these was cut in half and glued to the superstructure. The third was mounted on a raised platform. I plan on using the Corsair Armada 20 mm photo etch guns on this kit, so I mounted the resin gun pedastles in preparation. Ammo boxes were made from styrene strips.

Another modifcation to the Cushing was a lowered aft steering station. I made a new one using a scrap of photo etch sheet to form the shield, and used a cut up Skywave 20 mm gun pedastle to represent the wheel mount. The railings on the the aft superstructure did not extend around the splash shield, but rather blended into it. So I cut the railings at an angle from the bottom and attached them so the upper rail was even with the highest point on the shield.

The middle platform around the aft funnel was canvas covered so you can either fill in the railings or use solid shields to represent them. I formed the railing around the outside of the solid shield to represent canvas covering. I'm not entirely happy with this effect but don't want to start over again. 

A 5" practice loading machine was mounted just under the forward torpedo launcher. This was made from a Skywave 5" open gun with it's barrel cut off. This part is found in the E-6 weapons set.
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