Building the USS Porter in 1/700 scale

by Michael Taylor
These ships were designed as Destroyer Squadron Leaders. They introduced the twin 5" single purpose mount, which was only used on this and the Somers classes. They were the only US Destroyers of W.W.II to carry reloads for their torpedo tubes.
Naval Works  kit shows its age through its use of brittle, multi-colored resin, and parts cast into thick resin wafers. The copy Tim sent me was missing the gun deck level just below the bridge but as luck would have it Tim had another and it was used to cast a replacement.  Clean up of the major parts was easily accomplished with files and sandpaper. The smaller parts, like the boat davits, anchors, and life rafts were replaced with SkyWaves parts.

The kits turrets come with no locators for the barrels. I decided to use a razor saw and cut the elevation slots in the front of each turret then used brass rod for the barrels.  Following the exploded view instructions assembly was pretty much straight forward. I first painted all the superstructures dark blue then painted the decks . Brass rod pins were used to help insure structural integrity of the assembled sections.  Gold Medal Models photo etched railing and radar were used as well as SkyWaves weapons. 

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The kit found it's home on a rather eclectic diorama including the USS Pennsylvania, USS Salt Lake City, A liberty ship, APA, and 2 Flower class corvettes (hey I just build ‘em?)  The  Naval Works Porter is a kit that can easily be built and added to your collection in a weekend. My only suggestion would be to have some SkyWaves parts on hand ......Mike T