Naval Works 1/700 USS Porter

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
This is one of the Original Resin kits by Naval Works. It is now out of production, but can still be found in the un-built stash of some modelers or on some of the online auction sites. 
The hull is pretty well cast considering its age and provides a good base for anyone willing to do a little extra work. You may want to remove the cast on depth charges and touch up the chocks to improve the appearance a little. click to
enlarge images
Superstructure parts are molded in two colors of resin. Shapes appear accurate, and are in good condition with all splinter shields being well cast. Some were a little on the thick side, but for the most part pretty accurate. The 5" twin gun turrets have no barrels and the modeler will have to supply their own. These turrets don't look as good as those on the Classic Warships Helena and St. Louis but do provide the basic shapes, and with a little sanding will fit the bill.
The instructions are pretty good with plan and elevation and an exploded view showing all assemblies and extra notes to help you built it correctly. The modeler will undoubtedly want to consult photo's and plans of their specific ship as the Porters varied somewhat in armament as the war went on.

This kit has been out of production for quite some time, and with the exception of Kobo-Hiryu, no other manufacturer has offer a Porter in 1/700 scale so if your lucky enough to find one of these kits you better snap it up.

Click here for Michael Taylor's buildup of this kit.