Blue Water Navy
USS Atlanta CL-51

A 1/350 Atlanta Class Light Cruiser Resin kit
I'm a normally 1/700 Scale modeler but when I had the chance to build this kit I couldn't turn it down. 350 scale modelers claim that this scale is easier on the eyes, and you know what, they are right. This kit was given to me by a friend and has had the previous coat of paint stripped off it, so your kit wont have the traces of 5-O gray on it. The hull is sharply rendered and capture the graceful lines of this ship perfectly. Platforms and director tubs are molded in resin.
 The forward and rear superstructure are molded as single pieces and are also very crisp and detailed. Some detail is cast on which the modeler may choose to replace with the Photo-etched equivalent. The hose reel on the front of the forward superstructure is one example, naturally if once you see the relief etched hose reels you will want to add them.
The white metal parts are nicely cast and will need only a little touching up with a file to clean up. The torpedo tubes are molded separately and the boat davits are exceptionally well molded. The main mast is also cast metal, a welcome touch to someone who is used to making his own from brass rod! (it's a 700 scale thing!)
Flag bags and anchors are include (some molded in resin). I especially like the way the life rafts are treated, the bottoms are left out and photo-etched netting gives it a realistic appearance. There is even a length of anchor chain included. The depth charges are properly molded on their stands (something I wish was available in 1/700 scale).  Finally the 5" gun barrels are included.
The 5" 38 cal Dual purpose gun turrets are the finest I've seen, and they are available separately if you want to super detail that Tamiya USS Missouri. I'm used to working with kits that don't come with Photo etch so this kit is a pleasant surprise. The railing are custom tailored to this ship, and the many parts are purpose built for their place in the assembly. The only complaint I have is that the crane assembly should be etched as one piece in a fold up style rather than in four separate sides.
The instructions are well written and read like a how to book on kit building. It is well illustrated with parts shown in place called out by item numbers. The Photo etch sheet is marked with the item numbers so you don't have to be a detective to figure out where that obscure part goes.

I compared this kit to the blueprints I have, it scales out in length and beam within a fraction of an inch. This kit has everything you need to build an accurate model of the any of the early round bridge Atlanta Class Cruisers. I highly recommend this kit.