Warship Perspectives
Atlanta Class Light Cruisers of World War Two
by Glen Arnold
For those of you that are wanting to build the USS Oakland,  USS Atlanta or any of the other ships of that class, you will need a good reference. Warship Perspectives has just the book for you. This book covers the Anti-aircraft cruisers from the USS Atlanta CL-51 to the USS Fresno CL-121, and the many variations in between. Really more of a super destroyer than a light cruiser, these sleek warships bristled with 5 inch guns. As with other classes of ships the Atlanta Class's design evolved though out the war, and those many design changes are well documented in by the detailed photographs. 
This 80 page book covers every detail you can imagine of this unique class of cruisers. The close up photo's (there are about 160 of them) are clear and crisp, and a great aid in detailing for the modeler. You will also find some great color camouflage design sheets for some of the ships drawn by Alan Raven and Glen Arnold.
An added bonus is the fold out plan sheet of the USS San Diego attached to the inside cover of the book. This general arrangement drawing is drawn by Alan Raven, well know for his detailed drawings of US Navy ships.  This one calls out a lot of the details and puts a name to some of those otherwise obscure shapes that are drawn on the plans.

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