JAG's 1/700 USS Bainbridge CGN-25

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The USS Bainbridge was basically a nuclear powered version of the Leahy. She operated with the USS Enterprise CVN-65 and the USS Long Beach other nuclear powered ships. These three ships formed Task Force 1 for the round the world cruise known as Operation Sea Orbit to showcase the benefits of Nuclear powered propulsion.

Bainbridge served throughout the  Cold War and saw action in the first Gulf War as an escort for the USS Eisenhower and finally in operations off Yugoslavia. She was decommissioned and stricken from the navy list in September 1996. 

Displacement 7,800 Tons
Length 565' (overall)
Beam 57' 8"
Draft 29' (Max)
Complement 475
Aircraft none carried operationally (Helo deck added for replenishment)
Armament 4 Mk 10 SAM Launchers (80 Missiles)
8 x Harpoon SSM on two launchers
ASROC (8 Missiles)
6 x Mk 32 Torpedoes 
2 x CIWS
4 x 12.7 mm 
Propulsion 60,000 SHP; 2 G.E. Reactors (D2G), Geared Turbines, 2 screws
Speed 30+ Knots

The Bainbridge was refitted and upgraded quite a few times over her career. It is in her mid to late 80's fit that JAG has recreated her in 1/700 Waterline form. When you open your tube you will be greeted by the typical high quality JAG kit components. For those of you that have never seen a JAG kit, let me just say that they are among the best in the world. Excellent casting, and detail, crisp white metal parts, a nice photo etch fret, a sharp decal sheet and large well drawn instructions.

kit contents
The hull is extremely well cast with lots of cast detail. Most of the superstructure is cast in place even overhanging platforms. You can make out the plumbing details on the superstructure walls and the latches on the doors and hatches. Click images
to enlarge
The bridge windows are awesome, they really stand out. One of the first tricks I leaned in improving resin kits was to cut a slot where the existing bridge windows were and replace them with ladder stock. Well don't waste your time here as these don't need any improving.
The other resin parts include platforms for the lattice mast and various fittings. The SAM missiles on my kit were bent. But this is easily fixed by dipping the resin spure in hot water and gently straightening them.

The white metal parts are very crisp and fine in detail. These are among the best I have seen in this scale. Ships boats, harpoon launchers, CIWS and other parts are very fine. Only a tiny bit of flash can be found on them. 

The Photo etch sheet consists of everything except the handrails. JAG's provides the parts necessary to build the ship but leaves the outer railings for us to supply. This keeps the costs down, and besides most of us that prefer adding railings already have a big supply of them in our spare parts box.

Decals are nicely registered, and include hull numbers, warning circles, salad bars, and helo deck markings.

click to enlarge
The instructions consist of the front and back of a B- sized sheet (11" x 17"). This a little beyond the max size of my scanner, so the instructions are cropped a little. My goal is to give you an idea of what they contain, not reproduce them in full. One side shows an exploded view of all the components with separate views for the radar assemblies. The other side shows the plan and profile as well the parts breakdown and stats of the ship. These are more than adequate to build this ship without having to break out all the reference books.


I never cease to be amazed by the high quality kits that Tom Gardner and now Pavel Vacatta are producing. Finely cast and very detailed, this kit will make a fine addition to your Cold War to 90's Navy. This is kit # JAG014 CGN USS Bainbridge and sells for $75 retail. It is available now wherever fine kits are sold (check our main page for online hobby shops to get yours now).

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