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1/700 USS Long Beach CGN-9

Nuclear powered Guided Missile Cruiser
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The USS Long Beach was the first Nuclear Powered Cruiser. It was a one of kind design that was destinctive because of the massive Beahive superstucture. The better knownSuper Carrier CVN-65 USS Enterprise, also the first Nuclear Powered ship of her type also had this type of supertructure as built. They made quite a site sailing together as the first Nuclear powered Battle Group in the 60's and 70's. 
JAG has chosen to model this ship as she appeared in early 60's, before her first refit. The kit comes securely packed in the JAG Tube with all the parts securely packed and a foam tip over the bow to prevent any damage. The cruiser kept her basic shape throughout her careers so it wouldn't be to hard to modernize her. All you would need would be some weapons and radar from a Skywave Modern US Navy weapons set.
The hull is nicely cast in one piece with most of the lower superstructure molded on. It is exceptionally nice in it's molding with clean sharp lines and plenty of detail cast in place. The overhanging decks have no left over resin or flash. One of the Radar illuminator towers was broken off my kit, but the break is clean and it is an easy repair. Click images
to enlarge
The Island is well molded and the detailing is crisp and sharp. It captures that massive box like look of the real thing. The composite image on the right shows most of the sides with the huge bill board radar assembly surrounding the bridge. Since the bulk of the superstructure is cast onto the hull there is very little extra work to be done to assemble it.
The missiles, launchers and directors are all attached to a resin runner. They have a thin film of flash that will have to be removed. But it is so thin that it flakes off easily so cleanup will be a snap. The ships boats and other miscellaneos parts are all nicely cast and usable. Extra strip styrene and rod are included for those mast and deck parts that need to be added. 
A small brass fret is included for the boat cradles, platforms and helo nets. If you want to add railing you will have to purchase a seperate set as they are not included. 
The instructions consist of the front and back of an 8-1/2" x 11" (A size) sheet of paper. The front consist of two exploded views that are a little lacking in my opinion. A good plan and elevation would be helpful as would more detailed closeups of the small assemblies. The back side is a parts list identifying all the small parts. 


This is a great kit, the casting has to be seen up close to appreciate it. The one weakness is it's instructions, a fine kit like this should have more detailed instructions with it! Having said that it is nice to have such a unique subject to model. I know most modelers view resin as craftsman type kits but this should be a really easy build. There are really not that many parts and all the hard work is done by the caster. I would recomend it for anyone who has build a few plastic kits. It would make a great first resin kit and look perfect alongside that old Beahive Enterprise! Now where is the Bainbridge to finish out the Task Force.

Thanks to Chris Decker of  Nauticus Models for the reveiw sample. Nauticus carries the complete JAG line of ships as well as many others.

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