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Ship Kit Reviews
Flagship Models 1/192 CSS Chattahoochee (Resin  kit) NEW
Combrig Models 1/350 USS Helena PG-9 (Resin  kit) NEW
Kajika 1/700 IJN Kongo 1914 (Plastic kit) NEW
Yamashita Hobby 1/700 IJN Fubuki Type II Destroyer “Ayanami” 1941 Kit #NV3 (Plastic kit) NEW
Hasegawa 1/700 Imperial Japanese Navy Heavy Cruiser Kako (Plastic kit) NEW
Photo Etch Reviews
Regia Marina 1/700 Photo-etch 20/65 Breda Model 35 AA guns 
Miscellaneous Accessories
Starfighter Decals 1/700  US Navy Generic Air Group Markings
Book and Reference Reviews
USS Yorktown (CV-5) Legends of Warfare - Naval  by David Doyle NEW
Ship Modeller Magazine Issue #1 Feb 2017 NEW
French Language Navires & Histoires # 93: Tirpitz
French Language Navires & Histoire, Vol. 90
Newer April 2017 Reviews Older