Starfighter Decals 1/700
US Navy Generic Air Group Markings
US Navy Generic Air Group Markings
Reviewed April 2017
 by Randall Shoker
Starfighter Decals has release a set of decals that are generic USN air group markings that should give the 1/700th USN flattop builder some flexibility in creating accurate air groups.

The set consists on one decal sheet which the instructions say can provide markings for about 90 aircraft. 12 torpedo bombers, 12 dive bombers, and 66 fighters.

Here is a scan of the decal Sheet, the group numbers are printed in white and as such do not show up very well, but there are there. I played with the exposure to try to show them.

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There is a handy generic air group marking guide included.
The set retails for $8 and is available from Starfighter Decals.  Thanks to Starfighter Decals for the review sample.   Highly Recommended.