1/350 Bismarck/Tirpitz
Ultimate Photo Etch Set
by White Ensign models
One of the most popular ships on the market for modelers is the Tamiya Bismarck and Tirpitz. These kits have introduced many modelers to the ship modeling world. They are pretty good kits right out of the box, but more and more modelers are not content to build that way. Existing photo etch sets help, but as more research material has become available modelers are looking for ways to superdetail their ships. Enter Peter Hall and White Ensign Models with an appropriately named Ultimate Photo Etch set. Two frets of sheer madness for the average modeler, or sheer joy for the superdetailer. 
Fret 1
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The first fret is relief etched to give a 3D appearance. The parts are very fine and include some of the nicest detail I have seen on a photo etch set. The railings are extremely thin and many include stantion braces. There are a variety of platforms not included on the plastic kit. The inclined stairs have pose able stairs and are custom fitted to the ship. One of the most amazing details is the louvered vents for the various superstructure areas and yes the slats can be posed. The radar's are extremely intricate and may very well be the best German type radar in this scale available on the market.
Close ups of the fret details
Fret 2
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Close ups of the fret details
This second fret includes the catapult assembly and aircraft handling cranes. One the plastic kit there is a lot of surface detail missing from the superstructure walls. One example of this is the aircraft hanger doors. These are included to lay over those plain areas of the kit and give them some real detail. Something I was unaware of was that the maneuvering platforms were folded back while the ship was underway. These are beautifully etched complete with hinge detail so that you can position them in the extended or stowed positions. This set also includes boat details and davits. Details specific to the Bismarck and Tirpitz are included.
The instructions are very extensive 11 pages of well detailed drawings and assembly guides. They are very well written and illustrated and leave little doubt about how the brass is folded up and where it goes.

Conclusions: This is an excellent photo etch set, the etching is extremely fine and the virtually every possible part you would need is included. It truley is the ultimate Bismarck Class PE set. 

This is set #PE 3529 is priced at £37.40 a fair price for all the details that are included.

There are two other sets that compliment this one if you chose to use them. One is the WEM 1/350 Bismarck Class Upper Superstructure Deck Plates #PE 3565, and the other is the WEM 1/350 Kriegsmarine Light AA Weapons  #PE 3566.

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