Classic Warships S-100 Propeller Replacement Set
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reviewed by Guido Hopp

In December 2001 Revell released DKM S-100 Fast Attack Craft in scale 1/72. Revells long expected release offers the modeller a wide spectrum of possibilities to model one of the finest vessels afloat for the DKM during WWI. Even though Revells S-100 in general finely tuned, a couple of imperfections are included in the package. One of them are definitely the vessels props: a general lack of fit adds to their impossible shape. The blades are way too long to either fit the kit or the down-scaled original and their pitch is by far too steep. Especially on the S-100 famous for their propulsion system, which created the famous Lürssen-Effekt- would have earned a little more attention than that

To aid comes CLASSIC WARSHIP form Tucson, Arizona with their answer to this inadequacy: Product No. CWF72-01: Replacement Propeller for Revell Germany 1/72 kit of the German Schnellboote S-100.

The add-on set:
In a little plastic bag protected by cardboard comes the 3 piece set of pewter cast propellers. (For Yanks, Vikings and Islanders: the coin next to the dime is 1 Euro cent).

On first sight the props show a considerable though reasonable amount of flash, which is easily removed with the old Exel knife. The letter size page attached to them is providing information on the rotational system of S-100s prop -configuration. Unfortunately their is no other information on it.

As said on captioned sheet, the set contains three props of which two are turning left and ones turning right. The props are to be arrange on the model as shown in the construction. Up to this point CW has shown us nothing new. 

The diameter of CWs props is a little bigger than Revells; the cores are a good part shorter than Revells. shows that I had to shorten the cores to make the props fit in their place without touching the trim rudders, I removed about 2mm in length).

CWs props have moderately pitched blades, which will fit the kit perfectly. So far the buyer will be quite content with this product. But now comes the setback: Unless this set has not been put together wrong accidentally, the centre prop is shaped wrongly: There is no fitting on the core provided to connect to the main rudders suspension. The propeller/main rudder suspension on the kit is proper as can be seen on the blueprint of the Lürssen dockyard. Without this suspension the propeller shaft would not be able to endure the vibration caused by the propeller.

To make the centre propeller fit, the prop core (10mm length) has to be shortened down to 5mm length by cutting or sanding. This procedure has to done very carefully, by removing either tip and bottom or tip only. Removing the tip only gets you very, very close to the blades, which might get into conflict with the rudder suspension, or may be damaged in due process. For this reason, removing bottom and tip parts seem to be advisable. CWs instruction not does make any proposal on a proper procedure.

So far CWs replacement set is good to replace the ones that are supplied by Revell. Still, neither kit nor CWs add-on provides the perfect solution. Cutting CWs centre prop into a fitting shape, seems to be a workable, but risky and inconvenient solution. 

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