Warship Pictorial #15

by Steve Wiper of Classic Warships
The latest release from Classic Warships publishing is this much anticipated book on the S Boats of the German Navy. This one is a Modelers/Historians dream, with photo's and drawings that trace these Torpedo boats throughout their careers. Until I read through my copy I didn't realize there were so many variants of the S-boat. 
The photo's clearly show the differences in the early boats with their open torpedo mounts and the later ones with their more streamlined appearance. Most of these photo's I've never seen before, and certainly not all collected in one book. I have to applaud Steve on his research on this one.
The armament on these boats is well covered in detail pictures and drawings that show the many options they had. All the weapons from the machine gun to the torpedo's are well documented.
A pleasant surprise is the use of color in the book. There are a number of sharp color photo's showing not only the S-boats, but also the tenders and dock facilities. You get a sense of what life was like serving on the S-boats, as they shown in all types of operation.
The center fold consists of several color profiles showing many of the colorful camouflage patterns applied to these boats. 
The Germans built massive concrete bunkers for their subs to protect them from the constant Allied bombings. S-boats also operated out of these bunkers as you can see from the photo's on the right.


A great book for anyone interested in German Torpedo boats. This book is 72 pages (64 in black & white, 8 in color) with 171 black & white photos, 8 color photos, 20 sets of line drawings, 11 color illustrations, 4 pages of history, and 4 pages of statistics in a  8-1/4" x 11" soft book format. With a retail price of $16.00 US this book is an excellent value.


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