Warship Perspectives
Camouflage Volume 4 Royal Navy Supplemental
by Alan Raven
Warship Perspectives, has released the final volume in the Royal Navy Camouflage books series. This one covers some of the designs that would not fit into the previous three volumes. In addition there are also all sorts of landing craft, trawlers, and patrol craft. If it wasn't included in the previous books, chances are you will find it here.
As with the previous books in this series, this one has over 100 camouflage design drawings and where necessary photos are included to help illustrate the colors worn by that particular ship. Funnel emblems are covered for many of the destroyers.

There are even a number of close up shots of the bridge and bulkheads that show those area's in detail. 

An added benefit is the extra section views of many of the camouflage design drawings showing the turret faces and various bulkheads and aircraft hangers that are not visible in the plan and elevation views.

The author has chosen a number of great photo's that show the realities of some of the paint schemes in actual use. The effects of weathering are noted, and there are even some views showing paint faded to the point of revealing the previous camouflage worn.

If you enjoyed Volume 1 - 3, you are going to enjoy this one as well. This book is  a must for your reference library. This book has 56 pages in it's 9" x 12" soft cover format.


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