Warship Perspectives
Camouflage Volume 2 Royal Navy 1942
by Alan Raven
Warship Perspectives, has released the next in a series of Royal Navy Camouflage books. This one covers 1942, obviously a busy year for the Royal Navy. Until I read this book and the previous book RN Camouflage 1939-41, I had no idea that there was so many different schemes in use. In his introduction to this book, Mr. Raven explains the story behind the various types of camouflage being used, from the Admiralty Class Disruptive Designs to the Western Approaches and Variants.
There are a multitude of Ship drawings presented with color keyed camouflage patterns. They are displayed on everything from the lowly Flower Class Corvettes to the Battleships and Aircraft Carriers. There are over 160 of these drawings with 32 of them being in color. Some of those drawing include both sides and a few even include deck views where appropriate. The illustrations have notes included on deck colors, turret roofs, and if needed special notes pertinent to the design or ship shown.
Several designs are presented for the Escort Carriers that served under the Royal Navy, as well as some very colorful Cruisers. If your favorite Royal Navy ship served during World War Two, there is a very good chance you will find it within these pages. 
Some of the Camouflage Measures listed in this book are:
  • Admiralty Class Disruptive Designs
  • Admiralty Class Disruptive Designs for individual vessels
  • US Built Escort Carriers in Royal Navy Service
  • Admiralty Special Types
  • Unofficial Designs
  • Special Emergency Fleet Schemes
  • Western Approaches and Variants
There are about 15 B&W photo's included in the book to help illustrate the different camouflage measures. I found a couple of them a little on the dark side. But those pictures are photographed against a dark sea, and are the only photo's available that show the deck camouflage described in the text.
This volume includes and addendum to the first one correcting some of the errors that were in it
If you enjoyed Volume 1, you are going to enjoy this one as well. I found this book a real education, 1942 was a busy year for the camouflage department. I don't consider myself an expert on the Royal Navy, but after reading this book, I sure feel like one. This book has 56 pages in it's 9" x 12" soft cover format.


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