Warship Perspectives
Camouflage Volume 3 Royal Navy 1943-44
by Alan Raven
Warship Perspectives, has released the next in a series of Royal Navy Camouflage books. This one covers 1943-44. All aspects of the Royal Navy are covered from the Aircraft Carriers and Battleships to extensive coverage of Coastal Patrol forces.
There are many Ship drawings showing the camouflage patterns of all types of ships in all theaters of operation during the 43-45 period. There are over 170 of these drawings with 32 of them being in color. Some of those drawing include both sides and a few even include deck views where appropriate. The illustrations have notes included on deck colors, turret roofs, and if needed special notes pertinent to the design or ship shown.
 There are about 15 B&W photo's included in the book to help illustrate the different camouflage measures. Some of the photo's illustrate badly weathered ships, especially those that served in the North Atlantic. Modelers might want to take note as those fresh camouflage paint schemes didn't hold up very long against the elements. 
Some Royal Navy ships that served during the war carried American styled camouflage, when they were refitted in US ports. The Victorious was sent to the Pacific in 1943 to help offset the carrier loses that had been sustained in 1942. One example illustrated in this book is the unusual shown in the image on the right. The vertical sides were Navy Blue as on MS-21 painted ships, but the deck still carries a RN styled disruptive scheme.

Some of the Camouflage Measures listed in this book are:

  • Emergency Fleet Schemes for Destroyers
  • Coastal Forces Camouflage
  • Admiralty Disruptive Designs
  • US Built Escort Carriers in Royal Navy Service
  • Dark Hull Light Upperwork Type
  • Unofficial Designs
This volume includes and addendum to Volume One and Two for the Cruiser Bonaventure in 41 and the Destroyer Quality in 42.
If you enjoyed Volume 1 and 2, you are going to enjoy this one as well. This book is the best one yet and is a must for your reference library.. This book has 56 pages in it's 9" x 12" soft cover format.


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