Building the Ships of the
Naval Battle of Guadalcanal
13 November 1942 In 1/700 Scale
by Timothy Dike

This Month we will begin a series on building the US Fleet that participated in the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal November 13th, 1942 in 1/700 scale. Those that know me know I have always been fascinated by this period. Combine that with my love of modeling and you have got the makings for a long-winded article, as I plan to address each ship individually.

Introduction and Overview

Prelude to Battle

First Contact

Commence Firing Counter Illuminate

Bibliography of Guadalcanal Books

Quick kit availability reference

Building the USS Cushing DD-376

Building the USS Monssen DD-436

Building the USS Helena CL-50

USS Helena CL-50 in Action

 A short history of the USS Helena


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