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Club Feature: The Ships of New Jersey IPMS, 2002

Editors Note: If you'd like your model club to be featured here, please send photos and bio information on your ship-building club member to JEFF

New Jersey IPMS meets on the 2nd Friday of the month in Garfield, New Jersey, at the Knights of Columbus Hall. Ship modelers have been known to infiltrate the ranks of aircraft and armor modelers here, so be on the lookout for the following self-professed ship modelers, these suspects have been known to bring ships to club meetings.

Martin Quinn, Bob LaPadura, Bill Connelly, Jeff Herne, Tom VanDermark, Tom Stead, Smitty Aguilar, Mike O'Connor, Ernest Connor, Pat O'Conner, Tom Stead, Stan Stankiewicz, Joe Smith, and Harry Dente...the list of suspects is probably longer, but these characters have actually brought ship models to the meetings since I've been there... Jeff

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2002 NJIPMS Nationals Winner IJN Furutaka by Bob LaPadura - Click here for more photos!

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U-505 by Mike O'Connor

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USS Sumner (in progress) and USS Saratoga and IJN Fuso by Martin Quinn

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USS Casco Ironclad by Pat O'Conner

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1/72 Type VIIC U-boat and 1/72 Schnellboot by Jeff Herne

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Type 206 U-boat by Tom Stead

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USS Missouri, Flower Class Corvette, and Yamato by Tom VanDermark

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1/2400 scale IJN Ryujo, IJN Junyo, and IJN Shokaku by Smitty Aguilar