PT Dockyard 1/600 Scale Russian Shtorm-Class Torpedo Boat
Review by Felix Bustelo

You can see this model in the Photo Gallery

There were 12 Shtorm class torpedo boats constructed in the 1930's. They served the Russian Navy in the Baltic, Black Sea and Far East stations. According to Jane's Fighting Ships of World War 2, these torpedo boats were "reported to be poorly constructed and to roll heavily, owning to excessive top hamper."

 PT Dockyard, a cottage-firm that manufacturers 1/600 scale resin coastal craft for war gaming, has issued a kit of this obscure subject. This kit comes with a waterline one-piece hull casting with the twin stacks, all deck houses and two lifeboats and depth-charges. Additional parts include the bridge, two 100mm turrets, one triple torpedo tube, 2-37mm Bofors, 2-20mm guns, a 45mm gun, a quad machine gun, the mast and what appears to be a small boom. The casting is rather decent but requires clean up and some filling of pinholes and seams. The delicate guns and mast require trimming from their casting sheets and must be handled carefully. There is a very simple hand-drawn assembly diagram that is simple to follow. No painting instructions are provided.

 One must bear in mind that this model was made for war gaming in mind and lacks some of the fine details that some folks are used to seeing. So, if you are expecting the kind of resin casting that you see in a White Ensign Models kit, then you will be disappointed. I like this kit and I think that it is a nice "no-frills" kit. With some photoetch it can be made into a very respectable model. Now, where else can you find a model of this class of torpedo boats (which quite frankly I had never heard of before)? PT Dockyard kits are available via direct mail order, so follow the link above for a price list and ordering instructions.