Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Quietly working behinds the scenes at every major harbor are the tugs. While the capital ships are graceful on the open seas, they are helpless in the confined waters of a port. Tugs provide essential services by pushing and pulling the larger monsters into place. These tugs come in a variety of sizes and shapes and Battlefleet has captured two of types in 1/700 scale waterline.
This set includes one large and one medium tug. They are not modeled after a specific prototype but are intended to represent a generic harbor tug of the 40's though they could be used for many other eras. Both kits are molded cleanly with nice surface detail. The larger tug includes a nice winch mounted on the bow.  Click images
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Large Tug detail photo's
The medium tug has some awesome fenders cast along the bow and sides. There is even a finely cast coiled cable on the stern. Both tugs have nice bollard detail cast on.
Medium Tug detail photo's
The superstructure parts are well done, with windows and doors. The portholes are molded open and probably wont need to be drilled out. Both are cast with brass rod for the masts
Large Tug detail photo's
The funnels are cast hollow with piping detail. A couple of searchlights are also included. 
Medium Tug detail photo's
The photo etch fret is included with the railings to finish off your tugs. 
The instructions are a single page with a couple drawings showing both tugs. These are adequate considering how simple this kit is. 
Conclusions: Another needed subject captured in resin by Battlefleet Models. These tugs are cleanly cast and simple to build. They would make an excellent first resin subject for anyone wanting to try their first kit. This little kit is only $12.00 and is available exclusively from Pacific Front Hobbies. If you need to dock your ships at the Quantico Docks then these two tugs will help.