Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The United States Maritime Commission designed the C-2 Type Cargo Ship to standardize construction. These all purpose cargo ships featured five holds with three sets of booms. The early types were about 459' overall with a beam of 63'. The Sea Witch was one of the early type C2s built from 1939-41. Overall there were about 260 of this Cargo type built. Once the war started these ships were outfitted with numerous anti aircraft guns.

The Sea Witch is best known for her voyage with the USS Langley to deliver P-40's to the embattled troops in Java. The Langley was sunk, but the Sea Witch was able to successfully deliver her cargo. She survived the war and went back to a civilian role. 

The hull on this kit is well cast and features some really sharp detailing. The deck winch is well cast and very distinct in it's detailing.  Click images
to enlarge
The superstructure parts are cast on a thin resin wafer. Light sanding on a flat sheet of sand paper should free them. These parts are very well cast and the superstructure walls feature sharp angles and nice surface details
There are four of the cargo booms so you can choose the type appropriate for your ship. The Sea Witch used two pair of joined booms and two single ones up front. The frame work joining the booms is cast with open bracing that when removed from the resin wafer, is open all the way through. Tapered pole davits are also included. Anchors and ships boats are included. The latter are cast to simulate tarps covering them. You might have noticed that the hull was cast without the bollards. They are provided separately in twin and triple configurations. Leaving them off allows for cleaner casting on the hull, and less touchup work for the modeler.
Perhaps one of the nicest details are the deck winches. These tiny parts have a lot of detail and you will note that they are supplied in left and right hand arrangements. 
The photo etch fret is supplied by Tom's Modelworks and is typical of the quality you would expect from his sets. It has all the items you will need for this ship and a few extras for the parts box.
The instructions are five pages with some prototype views of the real ship as well as stats. Some simple plan and elevation views are on page two that show where the resin parts are located. Photo etch instructions are included on page three. I would have liked to have seen more 3D type views of the assembly process. But these are adequate for this kit.
For deck cargo Battlefleet has provided a couple of extra LCVP's and 18 pallet loads of supplies. The landing craft are the same as those previously reviewed. The palletized cargo are all new, and well cast. You can clearly make out the 55 gallon barrels and other boxes and crates.
Conclusions: Another unique subject captured in resin by Battlefleet Models. This one opens the door for other subjects as there are a lot of C2 Merchant ships and AK variants that use this basic hull. While I have always wanted to do a Sea Witch in 1942, I am tempted to paint mine in the distinct Black and White colors of the ship as built. This little kit is listed for  $60.00 and is available exclusively from Pacific Front Hobbies. This is a great little kit that will look great transporting your cargo to the front lines.