Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The SS Wentworth was a British Tramp Steamer, one of many built to replenish losses during the First World War. These ungainly looking steamers had relatively large cargo holds for their size and worked quietly in the background delivering the raw materials needed to support the British Empire. The Wentworth did just that during the inter war years and was put to work when the Second World War began keeping the supply lines open. Wentworth was part of Convoy ONS-5 and was Sunk May 5, 1943 by U-358.

This new kit from Battlefleet represents this little merchant ship and can be used to represent most any one of these ships with little modifications. It is very similar to the SS Drumgieth that has been previously reviewed here

The hull is cast waterline style with fine wood decking on the surface as appropriate. The cargo hatch covers are well done.  The casting is clean and sharp and there will be almost no cleanup needed to start building.  Click images
to enlarge
Superstructure and decks are cleanly cast with more sharp detailing. A tall funnel is provided with a hollowed out end, and funnel bands and some external piping. These parts will require only a little cleanup  as flash is minimal 
A nice assortment of well cast deck winches are included to add to the deck. These are very detailed and sharp considering their tiny size. Vents and bits are included as separate parts to add. There are plenty of extras in case you mess up a few. Canvas covered boats are included as well. 
There is a single fret of railings provided and some brass rod to fabricate the masts and cargo booms. 
The instructions are four pages with bill of materials, and assembly tips. The last page has annotated plan views showing parts locations. A good 3D view of the assembly would help, but these are adequate to built the ship.
Another nice kit from Harry @ Battlefleet. Nice casting, nice detailing, and simple assembly make this a good kit for anyone who is ready to try a resin kit. It will also make a valuable addition to your convoys or merchant fleets. 

These are kits #BFM-727 British Tramp Steamer SS Wentworth III for $70.00. It is available direct from Battlefleet Models.