Reviewed by Timothy Dike
S S Drumgeith  typifies a type of ship common around the dawn of the 20th Century, the Tramp Steamer. Built by J Priestman of Sunderland UK for RA and JH Mudie of Dundee. She  was to change owners a number of times; becoming the “SS Matra” in 1915, “Newton Hall” in 1919.  Thereafter she became the “Maid of Lemnos” before moving East to become the “Therese Moeller” in 1931. Now based in Shanghai  in Chinese ownership she was first to sail as the “Chi Hing” in 1946 before  ending her prodigious career as the “Tien Ping”. She was finally broken up in 1954. 

From Jim Baumann's buildup

This new kit from Battlefleet represents yet another unique merchant ship finely cast in 700 scale resin.

The hull is cast waterline style with fine wood decking on the surface and nicely detailed cargo hatch covers. The hull is nicely shaped and features sharp port hole details cast in. The casting is clean and sharp and there will be almost no cleanup needed to start building. There are even cast in holes to locate the mast, a nice touch that will save the modeler time. Click images
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Superstructure and decks are cleanly cast with more sharp detailing. Flash is minimal and detail is sharp and clear as evidenced by the deck planking. A tall funnel is provided with a hollowed out end, and funnel bands and some external piping. 
A nice assortment of well cast deck winches are included to add to the deck. These are very detailed and sharp considering their tiny size. Vents and bits are included as separate parts to add. There are plenty of extras in case you mess up a few. Canvas covered boats are included as well. 
The kit includes two tapered brass masts and some .020 and .030 brass rod to fabricate the booms The tapered masts are provided by BMK and are a big plus in this kit. Please note that only two mast are included in the kit, my photos show four.
There are four photo etch frets and a new decal set in the Deluxe version of this kit. These are not the typical photo etch extras you find in some resin kits. These are name brand sets like Atlantic Models Ratlines, White Ensign Models Ships Wheels, and railings, and Lion Roar Deck Canopy Brackets.  These extra parts will detail a whole fleet of ships so you are getting a whole lot of extra goodies with this version.                                  
New decals produced by Cartograph in Italy. They include sharply registered flags and jacks for the US, UK, Japan, and Germany. You obviously wont need all of these so you will have several extras for other projects.
The instructions are five pages with notes and drawings.  There is a nice elevation view showing the ship with her sails. A plan view gives the locations. These are adequate for a kit as simple as this, but a nice 3D style view would make the assembly so much easier.  For the ultimate in instructions check out Jim Baumann's build of this ship located here
Conclusions: Another really nice kit from Harry @ Battlefleet. Nice casting, nice detailing, and simple assembly make this kit a nice little addition to your fleet. Add  sails and you have a unique ship to transition from the Steam to Sail era. 

These are kits #BFM-713 British Tramp Steamer Drumgeith for $70.00 and BFM-713A SS Drumgeith Deluxe Kit for $90.00.  This special edition kits are only available direct from Battlefleet Models.