Airfix 1/600 Scale HMS Ajax

 One of the early Airfix kits this is a good one. I have a mid 70s issue which is quite crisply moulded. Overall the level of detail is greater than that in the Suffolk kit and less than in the KGV, Repulse or Prinz Eugen kits. Details such as stanchions and masting are a little overscale and would best be replaced with copper and brass wire respectively. The 6" turrets are poorly shaped but useable (they could be replaced with ones from the Nelson kit). The 4" shields look OK but its interesting how these items are a different shape on every Airfix ship that carries them. There are plenty of opportunities to add detail to this kit and it along with the Suffolk kit could form the basis for a nice collection of pre war British cruisers. Conversion of the Ajax kit to the Arethusa class is even possible!

Hull halves & deck sections

Other part sprues

Felix Bustelo's buildup of this kit.