Building the Bouvet 
by Jim Baumann 
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In conclusion:
There is still no such a thing as a perfect kit; despite its inherent quality the kit does have some weaknesses and omissions. Nevertheless I would wholly recommend this model to anyone who desires one of the ultimate French Pre-dreadnoughts in their collection.
Bouvet-finished-01 Bouvet-finished-02 Bouvet-finished-03 Bouvet-finished-04 Bouvet-finished-05
Bouvet-finished-06 Bouvet-finished-07 Bouvet-finished-08 Bouvet-finished-09 Bouvet-finished-10
Bouvet-finished-11 Bouvet-finished-12 Bouvet-finished-13 Bouvet-finished-14 Bouvet-finished-15
Bouvet-finished-16 Bouvet-finished-17 Bouvet-finished-18 Bouvet-finished-19 Bouvet-finished-20
Bouvet-finished-21 Bouvet-finished-22 Bouvet-finished-23 Bouvet-finished-24 Bouvet-finished-25
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