In the box review of Revell’s 1:72
Deutsches Schnellboot
German Fast Attack Craft
S-100 Class
by Guido Hopp, Germany
Just released by Revell, Germany, their latest model kit of German S-100 class comes in the well known sea green box with the usual art painting and built-up shots. The box measures 54 x 21 x 6.5 cm (sorry for staying metric) and is surprisingly heavy at 560 gr (metric again), which promises a lot of contents. The 1 to 5 range of difficulty/complexity levels indicates a top end 5 (...indicating to me, that it is not made for total novices on the glue and paint front. I can tell by my not-so-nice “Flower-Class"-experience!). As usual, the painting range of colors -shown on the outside of the box- is given in Revell’s in-house code of colors for their own color products line.
Vital stats and information on
S-100 Class, 1943
(as given on the construction menu)
Developed by: “Bauwerft, Friedrich Lürssen / Vegesack” since beginning of WW2. 
Length: 34.94m Width: 5.28m Height:   2.9m Draught:  1.67
Construction displacement:  98.91t Full-load displacement:  110.74t
Propulsion: varied; with 3x Daimler-Benz MB501A or MB511 up to 7,500 hp for 
Max cruise speed: 43.5 knots
Attack speed (temp): 49 knots
Torpedo G7A, 533 mm, by two forecastle integrated launching tubes *
Torpedo G7A, 533 mm + 6 mines or 6 depth charges
  1x 20 mm AA-gun on elevateble rotary mount on forecastle *
  1x 20 mm twin AA-gun with armor plate on mid quarterdeck *
  1x 37 mm cannon with armor plate on aft quarterdeck *
Armament supplied for this model kit; historically the armament varied with weapon development and requirements as well as assignments
As you open the box, you find the construction menu, a decal sheet, a spool of rigging yarn (echoing “Flower-Class” again?) along with the object of desire: The big, welded bag of light gray, injection molded plastic that is to become a 486 mm long vessel.

The construction menu, printed in black on unbleached paper, shows a built up photo and gives a short history of the vessel in German and English.

Following the paints and mixes list everybody can see the parts display (..., but I can not see the sheet for the bridge armor or wind shield; whatever it is, this part doesn't even have a number in the display list!). On the following 15 pages we can see our S-100 grow in 57 clear steps, including 4 decal/rigging schemes. 

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The decal sheet is in fair condition, even though it was protected by nothing more than the construction menu. The rigging yarn looks just like miniature grayish brown rope. Test burning the rope indicates natural fibers, maybe it will need super glue for fixing
Browsing through the frames discloses a little disappointment: The are no ships personnel figures is this kit: A definite set-back for the Diorama men and -women among us! And I still can not find the sheet for the bridge armour/wind shield! 

The frames present themselves in very nice shape. The 140+ pieces are flawless. Even after close checking I cant locate more-than-necessary amounts of flash, given the injection mold way of production. The bridge part is protected by two small poly foam pads. (How thoughtful!). 

By holding the two pieces of the hull together, you will get a good idea, how nice this model will be. 
The kit supplies two spare torpedoes, to be placed on mid quarter-deck racks. There is no option for having the torpedo tubes open, displaying torpedo heads. Even though you can install mine/depth charge racks, there are no parts for mines or depth charges supplied. Another set-back for the Diorama fraction? (Attention: in case you decide to leave away these racks, you do not need to drill, as required in the early stages of construction.) 
The decks and structures are crafted very nicely and show a lot of detail as most other parts do. Personally, as I am not much of a paint artist, I would have liked more details in separate parts. The solid railings seem to be just a little bit too solid and the torpedo propellers are definitely out of proportion, owing to the injection mold, I guess. 
Still, the railings will definitely do. As will, with a little careful sanding, the torpedo propellers. (Oops! ...there goes one part. All other stay firmly in place!) The 20 mm and 20 mm twin AA-guns are very accurate. The 37 mm cannon has a lack of detail. Maybe one considers to replace it by according Tamiya tank parts, if cheaply available. Other nice details, such as targeting binoculars are supplied.
Conclusion: Revell’s Fast Attack Craft S-100 class is a fine model kit. A couple of additional equipment and build-up options would have made her superb.  Anyway, at half the price of her sister S-100 by Airfix, she is a very nice alternative.
Opinion: I bought this kit as a Christmas present for my brother. I could hardly stop myself from starting to built it. After I will have finished my current project (1/350 Yamato, Tamiya + GMM + Eduard) I have to get one S-100 for myself. Even though it is not fitting my 1/350 plans of collecting, it is going to be a lot of gluing and painting fun. I haven't done any research on literature, yet. If you know good reference literature, please let me know.

Guido Hopp


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