White Ensign Models 1/350 Narrow Seas Scale S-100 E-Boat
White Ensign Models s-100 MTB
The German equivalent of the torpedo boat was the E-Boat or Schnellboote. There are several versions of this boat, this one, the S-100 class represents a 1943 version.  White Ensign Models, well known for their fine casting has released several different Schnellbootes.
The hull is very nice and typical of their kits in quality and detail. There is not as much visible detail as this later class was more streamlined than the earlier S-10 class. The only sanding you will have to do is to remove the small gates on the the keel along the bottom.  click to enlarge
White metal castings are included for the torpedo's and weapons. These are also well cast. At first glance the guns looked a little plain, until I notice the photo etch that goes with them. 

Speaking of the photo etch, this one is very extensive and features relief etching, with railings, gun shields, propellers and rudders. Everything you need to detail the boat is here. This set is common to the other S-boats so you will have a few extra parts.. 

The instructions are well done and pretty detailed for such a small kit. Besides the parts list, there are several exploded views showing parts placement. A color painting guide is also included with colors noted.
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This is a great little kit, an excellent one to start with if you have never worked with resin and photo etch. It is listed in Pacific Front's latest update for $35.00 Highly recommended


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