Building the Samek Prinz Eugen
in 1/700 scale Part 4
by Gabor
The final step was gluing the rails and other stuff to their places and creating the diorama around the ship. I started the work at the bow.
The first step was painting the swastika to the foredeck. I used a pair of compasses for drawing the disc. Then I painted it with white and after drying I drew the swastika and painted it with black. The next was gluing the anchor chains and capstans to their places and then I scratchbuilt the flagpole from a piece of sprue and wire. Finally I glued the rails to their places using the deck edge as guide. Then I created cables from brass wire which connect the ship to the moorings. click images
to enlarge

The next was building the pilot bridges. These bridges were usually covered with canvas. Unfortunately this can’t be seen on the kit. The sides of these bridges were very thick, thus I cut them down and replaced them with rails. 

The final steps of the building were the following:
  • gluing the catapult and cranes to their places. I would give one advice only: the boats have to be glued to their places before the installation of the crane. Because if you don’t do it then it’s hard to glue the boats to the racks. 
  • gluing the rails to their places
  • creating the  mooring masts from sprue and wire on both sides of the foredeck.
  • creating the ramps. 
  • weathering the deck, hull and the superstructure. 
  • painting and gluing the boats.
I used PE ladders from a set for the modern HMS Sheffield.
The decks are "washed” with well thinned black and I used brick red for simulating rust on the hull and the superstructure. 
And now the ship is ready for service ! 


Excellent kit ! I think it was easier to build than a plastic kit. Fitting was not a big problem and with a little modification it can be represented in her earlier appearance. I recommend it to anyone who would like to build a WWII capital ship. 


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