Aoshima 1/700 DKM Bismarck
Yet another review
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
There has been a lot written on the Bismarck. It is perhaps the best known ship of all time. It's storied career has
 been the subject of many books, movies and even a song. So I am not surprised to see yet another version of this
 once mighty ship on the market. I will skip the history and get right to what's in the box.
The hull is molded with the bow and stern open right behind the #2 and #3 turrets. The molding is pretty good. But the superstructure walls are a little plain and in need of surface detail.
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The bow and stern inserts feature some pretty good deck planking. Deck details are a little over simplified. The anchor chain is somewhat basic and other details are a little soft.
The superstructure parts are pretty good, some parts like the funnel sides have nice detailing, while other items such as superstructure parts are soft on details with thick splinter shields and aztec stairs.
The other superstructure parts are pretty well detailed. The main bridge comes with a protective plastic shield to preserve the detail.
The weapons are pretty well done, but not as sharp in detail as they could be.
Instructions are a couple of pages front and back showing the kit in sequential subassembly views. A supplemental sheet is included with instructions for modifying the kit to more accurately reflect the actual design of the Bismarck.
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As a bonus this kit includes a complete 1/700 scale Z Class Destroyer. This is the same kit minus the packaging now produced by Tamiya. Click the thumbnail for a complete review.
This kit is a basic upgrade of the original kit, a Z Class Destroyer is included to increase it's value, but it still falls short of today's molding technology. It currently lists for around $27.00 US, and with the addition of the included Destroyer, it is a pretty good value. But if the original Waterline manufacturers are going to compete in today's market, they are going to have to do more than dust off old molds. They are going to have to produce new kits, that are state of the art, or risk losing whatever market share is left over.

Thanks to Hobby Link Japan for the review sample. They carry both this kit and the rival Dragon and Trumpeter and Pit-Road version as well as a complete line of ships from the best manufactures in the business.