Skywave 1/700
German Z-Class Destroyers

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
This kit was originally produced by Skywave and dates back to the 80's. Skywave sold many of it's molds to other companies and this one was picked up by Tamiya. It represents a typical German Destroyer and can be made into serveral versions.
The entire kit is molded on a single  sprue. The hull is a single part with a waterline insert. There are options to build two versions, either a version with four or five main guns. The box art depicts the former with one single gun turret up front. You can also build the ship with the one twin gun turret as the old Skywave kit shows. The molding on this kit is quite good but is not quite up to todays standards. 

The instructions are printed on a single sheet with exploded views showing the subassemblies. The instructions are limited to the 4 gun version. 

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This kit has been on the market for a few years and is listed as discontinued. But it is still in stock at many internet stores and is now packaged in the Aoshima Bismarck kit.