Reviewed by Timothy Dike
During the second world war, Germany's ports came under heavy attack from marauding Patrol Boats. German Lighters or powered barges were pretty much defenseless against them. In an attempt the defend them, guns were mounted for self defense. But the ultimate version was this Flak Lighter armed to the teeth with two 88 mm guns, two quad 20 mm guns, two single 20 mm guns and one single 37 mm gun. These Gunboat lighters were used as escorts for their less heavily armed cousins. White Ensign Models has introduced another unique vessel to go along with their line of resin ships.
The hull is one piece resin, and very well cast in the typical WEM standard. Splinter shields are thin and gun tubs have some nice floor detailing. Much of the detail is cast on such as ladders and hatches. The deck is nicely planked with a nice scale wood deck. Click images
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There are two main guns cast in resin with shields. I would rather have seen the gun and shield cast separate. The gun barrels and breach are well cast and cleanup will be easy with a sharp knife.
This is a pretty simple kit with the bulk of the parts provided in Photo etch format. The other gun assemblies are provided in relief etch PE. These are very detailed and should fold up into some really nice gun mounts.
Railings and ladders and other items are also included on the fret. 
The Instructions are four pages with several subassembly views. They  include awesome color profiles of three styles of camouflage used by the German Navy. I am usually critical of most manufactures instructions, but these are very well done, and informative.

This kit would make a great diorama with one or more of White Ensigns Narrow Seas British Vosper MTB's engaged in a running gun battle. This kit  #K 3564 WEM 1/350 Kriegsmarine F Lighter priceed at £15.28 or just over $19.00 US at todays exchange rate.