White Ensign Models mtb624 MTB
The Fairmile D Motor Torpedo Boat (MTB) was the British answer to coatal defense. Built out of Plywood and Mahogony, and with a four 1250 Horse Power Packard engines these little boats were able to intercept and engage enemy ships with lightning speed. There were many variations build by about 30 different companies up and down the Thames river. The Type D was the latest one. Armament differed and many were built in Motor Gun Boat (MGB) configuration without torpedoes. 
This kit from White Ensign represent MTB 624 as she appeared in 1944. It is full hull kit with a nice photo etch fret included for the fine details. The hull is very finely cast in gray resin, with even the overhanging surfaces being well done. Torpedo launchers have a thin layer of resin that is easily removed with a sharp knife. But if that is not fine enough for you, they are also provided on the photo etch fret.The photo etch fret is nicely executed with relief etching and more fine details than most modelers will want to attempt to use. But they are there for you to chose from. click to enlarge
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The instructions are very thourough for a kit this size. They show all the parts used, a painting guide, and seveal detail views
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This is a great little kit, and is an excellent one to start with if you have never worked with resin and photo etch. It is listed in Pacific Front's website for $35.00 Highly recommended.

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