Pitroad / Skywave 1/700 USS Curtis Wilbur

DDG-54 Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The Burke Class represents the first new Destroyer design since the Spruance class. From the start they were designed with stealth in mind, evidenced by the sloping sides and sleek shape. These ships are also much better handling than their earlier predecessors, and are designed to survive a multitude of threats. These ships are multi role ships with a special emphasis in the Anti Air Warfare threat, with there VLS system the post a considerable threat to any airborne adversary. 

This kit represents the Flight I and II version of this class. Even though they are fitted to handle LAMPS helo's they lack the  hangers to embark them. This kit can be used to build most of the early Burke class ships. Flight IIA and III are slightly different with an extra 5 feet in hull length and helo hangers added among other updates in radar and other accessories.

BURKE CLASS (Flight I As Built.)

  • Displacement 8373 Tons (Full), Dimensions, 504' 7" (oa) x 66' 11" x 20' (Max)
  • Armament 1 x 5"/54 RF, 2 Phalanx 20 mm Guns, 90 VLS Cells, 8 Harpoon Missiles, 6 x 12.75" TT.
  • Machinery, 100,000 SHP; 4 GE LM-2500 Gas Turbines, 2 screws
  • Speed, 30+ Knots, Range 4400 NM@ 20 Knots, Crew 370.
The hull is molded in the usual Pitroad style with a separate bow deck insert and a bottom waterline insert. The hull is well shaped and looks like the graceful lines of a Brurke Class DD. The superstructure of this ship has sharp sloping sides and these are well represented in this kit. 
The deck insert and superstructure parts have quite a bit of cast on detailing. Test fitting shows that these parts will go together with little difficulty, and a minimum of seams to fill. 
.A Modern USN weapons sprue is included to fit out your destroyer with a multitude of weapons. Besides the normal SH-60, you also get a Cobra and Chinook Helicopter, just another bonus for this kit. I have to applaud Pitroad for including extra parts in their kits, these extra's are one reason why my spare parts box is well stocked.
The decal sheet is pretty good, and has markings for the Curtis Wilbur, and  a number of other ships in this class. Helo markings are provided as well.
There are four pages of  instructions with exploded views showing where everything goes. They are clear and easy to read, and the modeler should have little or no trouble building this kit. 
Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4
The back of the box includes a painting guide for the ship in the usual Pitroad style.

If you are a fan of the modern Navy you will enjoy this kit. It is a relatively simple kit, and could be built in an evening or two depending on how much extra detail you put into it. The kit is well designed and is a great value for the modeler, especially with the addition of some photo etch.


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