Fujimi/Seaway 1/700
USS Curtis Wilbur DDG-54

Guided Missile Destroyer
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The USS Curtis Wilbur was a member of the very successful Arliegh Burke Class Guided Missile Destroyer. These were the first new class of Destroyers since the Spruance class to be built for the US Navy. They can currently be found sailing in company with US Carrier Battle Groups providing anti air protection.
This is an all new kit from Fujimi under the SeaWay line. Fujimi one of the original big four of Waterline model pioneers has returned to the table with several modern ships. Currently the only other Arleigh Burke Class is the one by Pit-Road. This kit represents a Flight I or II Destroyer with more limited Helicopter handing provisions than the later Flight IIa type.
The hull is molded as one piece with a separate deck insert and waterline insert. Molding is crsips and clean with no flash evident on the parts. Click images
to enlarge
The decks are molded in two sections, a bow insert and a mid deck insert. Both have a fair amount of surface detailing. The superstructure parts have even more surface detailing.
The superstructure is molded as separate sides and this allows quite a bit of surface detailing. 
The weapons are molded pretty fine. The deck guns is molded in two halves allowing for some hatch detail to be included.
A decal sheet is included with hull numbers, flags, warning circles and helo deck markings.
The instructions are well written and include several sub assembly views. A painting and marking guide is provides as well as a little bit of history on the ship.


A nice kit overall with clean sharp molding. Available from Trident Hobbies for $29.99 this kit will make an important addition to your modern US Navy Fleet. Thanks to Trident Hobbies for the review sample.

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