Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Probably one the lesser known of the 1/700 ship producers Arii produces a lot of popular ships. Their Spruance class destroyer is similar in size and parts layout to the Dragon and old Skywave/Pit-Road kits. Being a newer mold this kit has some advantages over the other two.
The hull is molded in the typical waterline style with a lower hull option and a stand. The hull is pretty well molded although there is a bit of a sink mark towards the bow where the insert for the bow fits in. The weapons and fittings on this sprue are pretty fine. Both VLS and the older rail launchers are included in case you want to backdate your ship. The one glaring problem with this kit is the SH-60 Seahawk helicopter. It looks like it is closer to 1/800 scale.  click images
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The second sprue has the superstructure walls and other parts. These are well done with a fair amount of detail. The masts are the best feature and are pretty thin for injection molding. 
A bonus sprue is included with a PHM and LCAC. There are some extra landing craft and rafts also included. These are a little sparse in detail but are a nice bonus. Note the image on the right shows the top and bottom of the same sprue, there are not two in the kit.

A decal set is included with warning circles and hull markings. These are not as good as the after market sets such as JAG's but if you don't want to spend the extra money for them these will do.

The instructions are step by step illustrated views showing the various steps needed to assemble the ship. They are well one and even a beginner should have no problems following them.


It's good to have another option in the 700 scale world. This kit gets my vote as the best of the two manufactures currently available. This kit or it's sister ships the USS Oldendorf and USS John Rogers are available for $17.99 from Tridents online website.