JAG Collective Warning Circles
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By Jeff Hughes
JAG Collective has finally answered post WWII USN modelers cry for a sheet of warning circles plus they have thrown in some other goodies.  The sheet comes with 14 different types of decals: 4 sizes of warning circles for all types of modern weapons, solid red lines, solid white lines, red/white dashed lines, helicopter landing circles, helicopter “T” lines, the “H” found on helicopter landing areas, VERTREP squares, Fruit salad bars found on bridge wings and lastly Battle E’s, Red, Black Green Blue and a larger white E, all “E’s” come with three dash lines underneath.  In addition, the decals come with a concise explanation sheet and a small diagram showing placement of the helicopter landing pad decals.  JAG has also made a wonderful statement that reads as such “If you would like to see other markings currently not available, let us know and we will consider making them a part of our line.”  It is statements like this, the kits and products from other cottage industries manufactures that shows that they really do listen to modelers and want to produce what modelers want. Click images to enlarge
The table below lists sizes and quantity of the items on the decal sheet.  It must be noted that the sample being review here is a pre-production sheet with the “H” missing and that some items on the final production sheets may vary slightly from what is reviewed here.
Item Number Description Size If applicable
(all dimensions are in inches)
Quantity on Sheet
1 Warning Circle 0.75 6
2 Warning Circle 0.625 6
3 Warning Circle 0.44 6
4 Warning Circle 0.25 12
5 Tomahawk Box Warning Marking 1.8 X 0.5 6
6 Solid Red Line 2.0 2
7 Red/White Dashed Lines 2.0 3
8 Solid White Line 2.85 6
9 Battle “E”  N/A 6 sets Set = 1 each Red, Black, Green, Blue & White “E”
10 Fruit Salad Bars N/A 6 large clusters, 6 separate clusters with 8 each bars
11 VERTREP Squares 0.35 x 0.35 6
12 “T” Lines 5.6 3
13 Helicopter Landing Circles 0.42 3
Conclusions: The lines are very thin, approximately 0.010 inches and better than some of the decals found in injection molded kits.  I have not used any of the decal just yet so I can not comment on the usability but they where printed on an ALPS printer and should be no different than other decals supplied by JAG in their kits.  Another winning product from JAG Collective.

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