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The USS Atlanta was the lead ship of a new class of Light Cruiser. Packed with eight twin 5" 38 cal guns these ships packed a tremendous punch. While these ships were better suited for Carrier screening they sometimes were sent against surface targets. The Atlanta was best known for her defiant actions against Japanese Battleships at Guadalcanal where she helped save the Marines on Henderson field from another punishing bombardment. It was in that engagement in November 13th 1942 that Atlanta and her sister ship Juneau were sunk.
This ship comes completely assembled is painted in a light gray overall color. The little details are all hand painted, you might notice the little red and green position lights on either side of the bridge. Atlanta carried a version of  MS-12 mod camouflage into battle so break out your tiniest brushes if you want to try to reproduce it. The ship is in her 1942 fit and closely matched the plans I have of her with one exception. The SG radar on the masts  is incorrect as she was commissioned too early to receive it. Other than that the ship captures the lines of the Atlanta well. This ship could be used to represent any of the first four ships in this class; Atlanta, Juneau, San Juan, or San Diego.

A nice ship with a surprising amount of detail of detail for 1/1250 scale. This is kit # NE1341 and it is available for $31.00 from East Coast Miniatures. Check out their extensive online catalog of these and many more Ship related products.