Building the
USS North Carolina  BB 55

by  Ron Horabin, Cheshire England
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Part 7 Deck Fittings and Accessories Part A

The anchore chain in the photo comes from a company in the u/k called JOTICA, It was part of Caldercraft, they have at least for different sizes of this chain.

The handrails are silver coated wire passing through P/E handrails in 1/96 scale by John Haines.

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The Orlicon are MK/4 and the Twin Quauds are 1/96 scale made by Sirmar, U/K.

The decks show up better on this photo, also the handrails, note only one side complete.

This is the first complete photo I have shown of the model, taken in my back garden, I would say the model is about 60% finnished.
The model from the stern, still a lot of work to be done.

This is a close up of the hull, I have been trying a few things, I noticed how the light on the photos I have showed up on the edge of the shell plating and rivets, so I have highlighted the plates on the hull sides and top edge of the armour plating.

The bow with its jack staff and chain, also the bollards and fairleeds.
This is a more square on shot of the model, the superstructure deck has been timbered and painted, but not lined out yet, the next part I will show you some close ups of the smaller fittings on the model. 
Happy Modelling, Ron H.
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